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The Tick Chart Trader
For short-term traders such as scalpers, the types of charts that already exist in Metatrader such as Bars, Lines, and Candlesticks, are often considered inadequate because of the lack of detailed price movements. Well, if you also feel that way, then the Tick Chart Trader of G5 Investors MT5 Booster is one of the devices that must be tried.

The Tick Chart Trader application displays various types of Tick Chart, and is equipped with an entry and exit execution tool using mouse clicks or a keyboard shortcut. This device is useful for those of you who want to do short-term trading, to frequent entry and exit transactions several times quickly in daily trading activities.
توصيات مجانية
Tick ​​Chart Trader from MT5 Booster has a number of differences from the Tick Chart in general. First, this application provides five Tick Chart views, not just one or two. These types of displays are:
توصيات فوركس
Tick ​​graphics are simple, which is always updated every time the ask or bid price changes.
Tick ​​Chart Plus Tick Speed, in the form of a bar that shows how long the last Tick N was formed, while also showing market activity.
Timed, updates the graph at each tick, but the X-axis is based on time. Thus showing the difference between hectic and calm periods.
Candle, displays a certain O-H-L-C Candle based on Tick (eg 20 ticks bars).
Versus, shows a comparison of changes in two market movements between each other.

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