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manage your money properly when trading on the forex market
Forex Money Management - manage your money properly when trading on the forex market.

Money Management is the most crucial thing and the most important point that can distinguish between professional traders and amateur traders - between trading the purpose of investment / business with trading that only relies on chancy or blind speculation. Do not believe ? This can be proven by a research. If there are 100 traders who start trading using the same trading system that can produce only 51% profit ratio, there will only be under 10 traders who are able to have accounts with capital that multiplies at the end of the portfolio's time period.

Apart from a trading system that can only make 51% profit, about half of the traders lose their money because of the careless money management plan. Most traders do not understand and do not want to know how important Money Management is.

In some terms used, "Money Management" can also be interpreted as a plan in managing funds so as to minimize any risks that exist without having to reduce the potential for profit.
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It is very important to understand the concept of financial management in depth before actually making a decision in finding the right entry point. Managing money in the right way can make you have invaluable income like a CEO who manages everything in a large company.
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There are so many money management strategies out there, they (professional traders) manage money management in various ways, but with one common goal, namely to maintain a balance between losses - profits so as not to overdo it. It can also keep professional traders in undesirable traders' psychological conditions such as too much euphoria when getting a profit or too bad when losing.

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