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In fact, they are very well matched, and they are beautiful and awkward. Still remember that they were so in love at the beginning. The girl is beautiful, the boy is very careful, and all the feelings are poured into the girl. It��s just a long time. With children, there are so many complicated things. It is inevitable that there will be differences. I started quarreling and cold war. I unknowingly consumed all the affection, bored, and let go. The old man said that their marriage began to be wrong. I think that all the marriages that come together because of love are not wrong. The mistake is that many people do not know that it is necessary to operate carefully in the old marriage. What is marriage? Marriage is a beautiful glass, fragile, careful to guard, and used carefully. Because once it is broken, even if you risk the scratching of your hands and pick up the shards of the edge, look for the craftsman to put together, there will be unrepairable gaps at the edge of the docking Marlboro Cigarettes Online. So you have to take it lightly and put it in the safest place in your heart, so that you can add tea to the cup every day, pour boiling water, watch the steam rise, let the tea slowly break into your heart and mind, wake up and puzzle. Regulating the spleen and stomach, strengthening the healthy marriage is a holy white lotus, pure, clean, not tolerant, with Zen, is the cause and effect of the practice of the Buddha for hundreds of years. Lotus is in the soft, moist, washed water, clear and faint, not dust. The temperament of marriage is also pure, rejecting the filth of extramarital affair, rejecting domestic violence, rejecting insulting language, and rejecting all vices that are not conducive to marital harmony. It is necessary to use a sincere and pure heart to pour care to create an extraordinary flower, which gives off a fragrant fragrance. Marriage is like a spider orchid. It is good to raise. As long as the heart is here, it will flourish. It is not picky about the soil, it is not picky about the environment, and it is not picky about the sun. As long as you remember, don't give up, and properly water it, you will be able to grow tall and vigorous. Marriage is also, whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, as long as the heart and the heart are dependent, mutual understanding, warmth to each other, the marriage will flourish like a spider orchid, a marriage like a house Wholesale Cigarettes, let it fill the sun, filled with warmth, or Let it be empty, cool and cold, depending on whether you put love or indifference into it. If both of them work hard to love each other, give each other's love inclusive care, and give each other a love understanding, the house will grow the seeds of love, every object in the house, every corner will be full of love. If you put in a bad language and violent violence, the room will be cold, like a cold winter. Therefore, if you want to see the sweetness of marriage, you will inject the honey juice of love, let the people and things in the room live the taste of love. Marriage is like a good book, teach you knowledge, enjoy your body and mind, and let you grow. Confucius said: Know the new and warm Cigarettes Cheaper. Good books need to be read with heart, with heart and mind, and often read often. If you are reading a book and you are absent-minded, you will not be able to perceive the beautiful sentences in the book and the wonderful story. Marriage is more like a good marriage. Good marriage is the mutual promotion and mutual growth of the two. No one is perfect, everyone is unique. In life, we must look at each other's strengths, strengths, and learning. We must grow, grateful, love, and tolerate throughout the whole process of marriage and try to make it equal to life. Marriage is a long journey, with thorns and bumps, and unlimited scenery. The two people in the marriage are time travellers. You have to use a pair of curious eyes to find joy in your travels, find beauty, and find your feelings; there are curved and narrow paths in the journey, and there are wide and flat avenues; there are storms and there are also The wind is beautiful. When the road is muddy and the road is snowy, it takes two people to work together to be stable and stable. Prosperous, sunny scenery needs someone to share, in order to live up to the beauty, to see the taste of happiness Marriage is a practice of two people. Two people who come together because of love must comfort each other, nourish each other, and accomplish each other. People who grow up in two different environments will have different habits, interests, hobbies, and achievements in life. They must pay, be tolerant, understand, and care. Living in trivial red dust Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, it is inevitable that there are differences and troubles, to calmly deal with, not to anger, not to blame, in fact, this is the real life, the romance before the moon is not in the front line if the party is fast Now, hold the opponent's hand fast, let him keep up with your footsteps, slow down and take two steps, don't stay in place for too long. A good marriage, we must know each other's concessions, mutual compromise, mutual respect Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, the only way to live in a secular life, calm, calm, can walk hand in hand in the world, through time, to protect marriage into a beautiful scenery, fragrance of their own years.
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