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I used to walk on the
I used to walk on the road. I like to look for the fallen squats and listen to the crisp sounds that come from under my feet. It feels like I am back in my childhood. Now walking on the street, I accidentally stepped on the squatting tree, as if I heard the cockroaches groaning under the feet, my heart will be swaying, the scorpion is the child of the banyan tree, the future of the banyan tree. Baisha County has a boulevard composed of ��, Liu and �� along the banks of the Lancang River. It is not only a levee for flood control, but also an ideal place for leisure and fitness. Walking to the embankment after dinner every day is a habit I have developed over the years. Autumn is coming, the days are getting shorter, and after going home to finish dinner, the sky has begun to dim, and the orange lights are smeared on the road through the dense foliage. Walking under the banyan tree, despite the careful attention of twelve points, I still inevitably stepped on the fallen scorpion, and occasionally provoked pity and pain. Because I was worried about stepping on the raft, I had to change the long-accustomed walking route from the embankment. The avenue was changed to a small road under the embankment. The street on the embankment is a row of green eucalyptus trees Cigarettes Online. The outer slope is a row of anana-sized willows, and the side of the embankment is a sturdy Yang Lan. From the banyan tree to the side of the embankment, there is a pedestrian avenue about 5 meters wide. From the embankment to the lower road, there is a slope of about 20 meters. This distance should be a safe distance to avoid stepping on the raft. It can be as strong as ever. Intoxicated in the wonderful walk of the path, there was a sound of familiar sound from time to time, disrupting my footsteps and affecting my mood, although I firmly believe that it is absolutely impossible to be a scorpion, because it is separated by tens of meters. Distance, unless the dragonfly grows with wings. Maybe it's a small screw in the river. I remember that when I walked in the past, especially when the river was flooded, there would always be some small snails crawling from the river to the small road. When I stepped on it, I would also make a sound similar to the scorpion. However, the familiar sound that constantly hits the eardrum is still a suspicion Marlboro Cigarettes. I can't help but stop. With the faint light of the street lamp, I lean over and look at it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. All the way to the road is actually a smashing tree, dotted with the smashed tree behind it. The purple print left behind. I couldn't help but regret my reckless behavior, and how the cockroaches flew to the path, and the little cockroaches had such a miraculous power that I heard that the seeds were spread by the feces that the birds could not digest, and that the wind could take away. Light seeds (such as dandelion seeds), but have not seen the round and full fruit can fly with the wind. I picked up a stalk of cockroaches, and the mature cockroaches faded away from the oily and plump face, almost evaporating all the water in the body, and the smooth skin of the wrapped fruit became a wrinkle of varying depths. In order to be able to fly and dance with the wind, the mature scorpion tree will not hesitate to peel off the beautiful costumes and sacrifice its beautiful face. I suddenly realized that the small banyan trees on the embankment that were more and more chaotic for more than a year were not artificial cultivation, but the children of the eucalyptus mother��s painstaking efforts. It is the best evidence of the stubborn struggle of life and love. The result is like a magical elf. The flying hazelnuts seem to be a fiery life. I can't help but respect the fruit. I am more careful to walk around the hazelnut.
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