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The plum blossoms
The plum blossoms opened, and there was a voiceless sound of the Piccolo in the forest, calling for the dream of going far. When the vast white snow covers the waters of my childhood, the dark fragrance that floats between the heavens and the earth makes you understand me; romance, it should be a broader and more profound life feeling. ����In this world, I have searched for thousands of mountains and rivers, and I have no time to take care of my lost dreams, but in my life, it is not just the entanglement of this encounter. In my life, more often than not, I want to find the true heart of the world, not the wind. Even though, at the moment I passed you, I saw the resentment and loneliness when you looked back. It can only let it pass freely through the indifference between my hair, like the petals that withered in the cold wind, let it fall in the past, the blood of the sun. On the other side of the distance, the figure that is like a detached figure gradually drifts away, leaving only a sigh of sigh in the world of the sky. If the Yi people are alone, it is better to return, and see the other side of the autumn water, the lone boat on the leaf, the string is already full of dust. A cup of herbal tea, originally thought to look down on the vicissitudes of life, red dust and tears, has dried up in the bleakness of the lonely sandbar. When the winter snow flutters Newport 100S, it is partial and reminiscent. I don��t see this long-lost book, the old Qing dynasty, the Xiaoxiang rain, and the Jiangnan dream. See also the moon, the small building, the east wind, the flowers and flowers, has been unbearable to look back at the red moon in the cold moon. Who said: "If the two emotions are long, they are squatting in the dynasty," For example, the memory of the sputum flowing through the earth, the memory of the ammonia smog, damp the feelings of the past. Let love, wait in the lonely, let the heart, sorrow in sorrow, time silence, the poems hidden in the depths of thought, passing the sky of the years, scattered in my life, let me suddenly feel sad. The vicissitudes of thoughts are full of my mood. And when I accidentally passed by you and stared at you quietly Wholesale Cigarettes, I suddenly found out: You are still you, I am still me. The fragrance of love is only briefly lingering in my heart. When the dark bell knocks on the last smear of the sun, the deep thought buried deep in the soul will be broken down in a long dream, mottled to meet you. The road. Passing through the thoughts of love, carrying a stream of moonlight, passing through the ocean of memory, silently rushing toward your direction. Your love has been thin and dying by the cold of winter. I miss the snow that is like a breeze, and I will still float in my life. In a warm house, I will burn a pot of boiling water, soak a pot of light tea, and have a warm fire. It tastes the coldness of winter in a faint way. In a snowy day, let the charm of winter be in the scent of the cup of tea, so that the mood becomes quiet. The past is like a cigarette, and it reappears yesterday Online Cigarettes. The beautiful fragments, such as the flying snowflakes, overlap the crystal clear landscape on the blooming branch of the plum, and the dreams shine in the depths of the heart. Meet, never missed, inadvertent days, chapters that have been inadvertently written, beautifully written into beautiful fairy tales. Like plum blossoms and snow, through countless reincarnations of time and space, we still romantically agree on winter poems in a constant way. Quietly looking back, quietly touching, distant beauty, warm touch, soft time, a drop of tears suddenly accidentally fell on the core of plum. Unable to refuse the parting, the shadow of sorrow, the space that lingers in the heart, cut a soft time, ask who is in the red dust, wandering for love. Snow, quietly, falling down piece by piece, I wrote this sad sorrow in the faint morning light of Mei Heng window, low eyebrows and dagger, pick a proud plum in the cold snow, give it to you, please Put it on the cloak of the separation. When you smell this fragrance, you will remember the parting of this world. When the snow is snowing and covering the waters of my childhood, the dark fragrance that floats between the heavens and the earth makes you and I understand; romance, it should be a broader and more profound life feeling.
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